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Your journey to building your dream home starts here. First Home Buyers, Home Investors, Land Buyers and anyone looking to build all come to Drake Home Consultants as the experts in building homes on the Sunshine Coast.

Building a home is a big undertaking, and we are a one-stop consulting service. We assist you from the very beginning and can be there right to the end to lend support. We can even help you locate the perfect block of land if you’re still looking. While we aren’t real estate agents, we have relationships and contacts within the real estate industry and can help you narrow down the choices. We can also assist with putting you in touch with finance brokers if you are still at that early stage.

We help you design and build your dream home.

Is your design straightforward and you just need a more precise idea of cost? Or are you after a bespoke design at a competitive price? The choice is yours.

We optimise every aspect of your home. You can choose a design, you can ask for a customised one or you can try our design app.

Our service has no cost to you. Avoid risks and hidden buildings costs, speak to us before you speak with the builder.

Build your dream home with the home building broker. Our expert team members can answer any questions you may have. Book a free consultation.