Maleny Botanic Gardens

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Maleny Botanic Gardens


Take a stroll through some of the most beautiful and lush gardens in Queensland at the Maleny Botanic Gardens.

Maleny is a town renowned for it’s stunning green vistas, idyllic rolling hills and fertile farmland already, but the Botanic Gardens in Maleny take the rich and thriving ingredients and turn into something truly spectacular.



The gardeners and horticulturists and designers have really outdone themselves. The park consists of rows upon rows of beautifully looked after flowers, garden beds and ancient trees. Amongst this natural landscape is an aviary brimming with bird life of all varieties. Parrots and exotic species, many of whom are native to tropical Queensland will astound and delight with their vibrant plumage and curious, friendly nature. Walking paths weave through the gardens.



Grab a free map from reception and make your way around. Stunning water features punctuate the experience and there are plenty of little hideaway spots and secret pathways to explore. Grassed areas are perfect for a family outing and a game of ball. There’s also a coffee shop towards the entrance if you don’t want to bring lunch. It’s a magical place and worth it just to meet and greet the birds alone.

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Image 1: Leo Casey, licensed with permission.

Image 2 - "Maleny Botanic Gardens" by S. Newrick - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons -

Image 3: Leo Casey, licensed with persmission.