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Trendset Kitchens Featured

With years of experience working with various products & brands we have pieced together a unique collaboration of unparalleled performance & integrity. Trendset Kitchens is a premium quality kitchen design & manufacturing facility focussed on producing premium quality bespoke kitchens where each & every product has been hand-picked, tried & tested to make sure it’s worthy of our brand.

Trendset Kitchens uses exclusive product brands from the global market leaders in every field & we dedicate hours to research & product development to ensure we are delivering the best possible product to our consumers. The use of exclusive products allows the staff of Trendset Kitchens to stay highly trained & educated to ensure we can maintain an efficient process with high quality control.

The addition of Trendset Appliances was thought to integrate seamlessly with Trendset Kitchens to streamline the entire process. Selecting the right appliances plays a major part in the design of your kitchen which is why it makes sense to have it all in one place. Once again Trendset has dedicated hours to product research to connect with Australian based companies that deliver & support premium quality home appliances manufactured from all of the leading manufacturers around the world.