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Stemming from the evolution of the tobacco industry, and still being an active family owned and operated tobacconist, we see the opportunity to provide quality vape products to the public via a reputable “bricks and mortar” retail outlet in two central locations to the Sunshine Coast community.

Our TSG Currimundi and Mountain Creek stores are both also “All Things Vape” where smokers who want to quit can find options, and new to vaping customers can purchase both local and imported premium e-juices, quality vaping devices, and replacement coils, tanks, tubes, batteries, chargers and more. Check out our full range.

We pride ourselves on providing legitimate devices, and where possible we go straight to the source to avoid third party distributors so as to eliminate the possibility of imitation products. Our registration page is a tool to protect both the end user and ourselves as a supplier, from replica devices.

Our after sales service and assistance in setting you up is second to none. We aim to have you completely satisfied walking away with your purchase, and you can literally be vaping within minutes of seeing us. Yes, you may find a cheaper product online or from a home business, but we guarantee your device is absolutely not counterfeit, and we will always have your device parts available at at least one of our stores.

With nearly 100 different flavours to choose from, and 6 different devices to suit any budget, All Things Vape is here to provide the best service and products possible to any style of vaper, from the inexperienced beginner to the seasoned coil maker.