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Because we believe sculpting is an art form, our fully qualified and experienced specialists apply only refined, proven techniques. Driven by visible results, exceptional service, and safe, affordable treatments, we engage advanced, award-winning technology to deliver desired outcomes.
Our advanced, non-invasive fat reduction treatments include, fat freezing (cryolipolysis), cavitation, RF fat melting and cellulite reduction. Or combine these with rf skin tightening for a more bespoke treatment targeted for your own body concern; our experienced body therapists can discuss a plan and help you towards ‘your body perfect’.
We offer a body composition scan with all fat reduction treatments. Not only will this help with measuring your results, it provides so much more information about what is happening inside of your body, and what changes could be made to help get the most out of your treatment.
Whether you’re seeking to tighten, tone, or turn back the clock, Skulpt has a bespoke treatment for you.
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- Fat Freezing (remove stubborn fat permanently)
- Tighten, Lift and Tone (Face & Body)
- Smooth Cellulite