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Eco Fridge Seals

Tuesday, 26 November 2019 14:15

Are your seals 'Economical'?

Are You still getting High Power Bills?

Doors have WEAK magnetic Grip after they closed for 1 min?

Seals 'mouldy and hard or splitting' instead of soft & pliable?

Fridge/Freezer doors don't close correctly or pop open?

Wondering why some types of food aren't staying Fresh as long or your food freezing in the crisper?

Tired of removing Ice or mopping water before it damages the floor?

Think the fridge is breaking when it triggers a Defrost cycle with LOUD CRACKS!

Questioning why your solar panels aren't feeding the Grid as much?

Did you know NEW Fridges often come with only 3 Month Guarantee on Fridge Seals, so how long were they expected to last? (no matter what the appliance Warranty Extension may be!).

Imagine, an approximately $200 investment to reseal your appliance can potentially save over $1,000/yr for up to 10 years. That can be a $10,000 saving for $200!

Is this an investment you're willing to make?

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